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The Jedi

The Jedi Knights: an ancient order whose origins lie shrouded in mystery, but whose influence has time and time again changed the course of galactic history. While it is not known exactly when or where the Jedi first came into existence, what is known is that the Jedi Knights have served to protect peace and justice throughout the galaxy for over a thousand generations.

The nature of the Force dictates that certain individuals possess a greater inherent connection to the encompassing energy field. Historians speculate that before the time of the Jedi Knights these unique individuals contemplated the philosophical issues that accompanied the extraordinary powers the Force granted them. Over time, these individuals managed to find each other an engage in discussion and debate to refine and solidify their beliefs. Again, historians believe that these were the origins of the Jedi Order, as the individuals were united under common principles.

While certainty remains elusive, evidence shows that the Jedi Knights originated as a sedentary order, initially focused on meditation, contemplation, and discussion, with little focus on how to use their powers for the greater good. This point of view gradually changed as the Jedi Knights ventured out into the galaxy to settle conflicts and mediate disputes. Central to the Jedi belief system was a reverence for life, as it was life, the Jedi believed, that formed a symbiotic relationship with the Force. Because of this belief, the Jedi always sought a non-violent solution to every problem, and resorted to physical confrontation only as a last resort.

As the galactic community grew, so did the Jedi Order and subsequently their influence. The galaxy's inhabitants often turned to the Jedi Knights as mediators. Often these disputes were settled without violence, but many times, as galactic history as shown, it was necessary for the Jedi Knights to lead the galaxy into war to combat tyranny, oppression, annihilation, or domination.

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