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Solari Crystal

One of the rarest crystals of the Jedi Order, the Solari crystal was passed down among Jedi Knights for many generations. A gem of pure white, it was said that only a Jedi pure in spirit could wield the Solari crystal.

Before the time of the Sith War, Jedi Master Ood Bnar was in possession of the Solari crystal. At the time, his most promising student was a young Human Jedi by the name of Shaela Nur. At the Jedi training compound on Dantooine, Jedi Master Ood bestowed upon Shaela the Solari crystal.

Years later however, as Shaela Nur joined Duron Qel-Droma and Guun Han Saresh on the Great Hunt, their task took them to the planet of Korriban. Within the bowels of the ancient Sith temples, Shaela Nur disappeared, never to be seen again and with her the Solari crystal.