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The Jedi - Golden Age of the Jedi

With the Sith threat defeated the Jedi would usher in a golden age that would last almost two-thousand years. While threats still came and went, the galaxy-wide wars that the Jedi faced in the preceding era faded into memory as simply more violent and dangerous times. During this era, the Jedi Order became a much more formalized organization, integrating itself into the Old Republic as the governing power solidified its influence throughout the galaxy.

While the Jedi historically maintained a headquarters on Coruscant, the capital planet of the galaxy, it was during this period that the Jedi Temple achieved its full and climactic glory, perhaps a symbol and metaphor for the order itself. Many Jedi traditionally lived a journeyman type of lifestyle, traveling around the galaxy and training students along the way. This revised Jedi Order gradually shifted from a wandering way of life to a more grounded one with Coruscant acting as a home base. As the life of a Jedi changed, so did the order as it adopted many formal rules and codes. Historians might argue that the adoption of such a pedantic approach was a contributing factor to the ultimate downfall of the order.

During this age, the Jedi formalized the Jedi High Council, which consisted of some of its most powerful and influential members. These members remained on Coruscant, and held council high above the cityscape to regulate on all matters Jedi. The order formed an informal relationship with the Old Republic acting as an unofficial peacekeeping force. Although the Jedi could never formally sponsor any one government, very often both the Jedi and the Republic held similar agendas.

While historians believe that this would prove to be the height of the Jedi Order, this era was also witness to its decline. After two millennia of relative peace, the Jedi Order grew complacent in its influence and stagnant as a result of its many rules and regulations. In the end, an ancient enemy once thought defeated would return to all but destroy the Order and finally achieve its goal of galactic domination.