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The Great Hyperspace War

The Great Hyperspace War was a turning point for the galaxy. Millennia after the great schisms split the Jedi Order, the Sith Empire had grown strong in their region of the galaxy forming an expansive empire. At the height of their reign, the long-forgotten Sith would be drawn back into the Republic on a mission of conquest. This invasion would come to be known as the Great Hyperspace War and would mark the beginning of the Sith's millennia-spanning goal of galactic conquest.

By random chance, or perhaps the will of the Force, the discovery of the Sith Empire was seemingly accidental. During this time in the galaxy, the Republic was thriving and a daring explorer could make a decent living discovering new hyperspace routes across the stars. Trade was booming and the Brotherhood of Navigators paid handsomely for the discovery of new hyperlanes It was not a profession for the faint of heart, lest one fly right through a star or into a planetary mass. The hazardous nature of the job was the primary reason it paid so well, and this is what attracted the young scouts Gav Daragon and Jori Daragon.

From the remote planet of Cinnagar in the Empress Teta System, the Daragon family worked for a gentle Hutt named Aarrba. When Empress Teta made a move to unite the seven worlds of her system, civil war erupted, and Gav and Jori's parents made a decent living running supplies to legions on the war front. During one such run to Kirrek, their parents were killed by enemy fire. After the death of their parents, Gav and Jori were left to fend for themselves and resolved to make their own living as space explorers aboard their family's ship, the Starbreaker 12.

While they were moderately successful in their trade, tough times eventually fell on the Daragons, and they left behind a trail of debtors and creditors. When they found themselves unable to pay for starship repairs, their ship was impounded on Aarrba's lot. They even found themselves within the crosshairs of a local crimelord, Ssk Kahorr. When a couple of his henchmen threatened Gav and Jori, the pair decided it was time to leave from Cinnagar for hopes of a better start elsewhere. Reclaiming their ship from Aarrba's compound, the two made a dash for orbit only to come under fire from the local security forces. The only thing Gav and Jori could do to escape was punch the hyperdrive with the random coordinates contained in the navicomputer.

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