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The Rebellion Against the Empire

With the Jedi destroyed, the Sith were free to continue their plans for the creation of a galactic-wide empire. Having defeated the Jedi, the Sith went back into hiding as very few knew of their existence. They shrouded themselves in the guise of creating a new order out of the destruction and devastation of the Clone Wars - one that would unite the galaxy and peace to all.

Initially the Galactic Empire was welcomed by the citizens of the galaxy who were weary from the recent war. However, the Sith's true colors eventually shone through in their xenophobic and oppressive policies. Dissent was quickly and often violently silenced planting the seeds of rebellion in many. The surviving members of the Jedi Order were forced to go into hiding, hoping that one day a new hope would arise.

As the rebellion coalesced into a formal Alliance, fate would reveal the Jedi and the galaxy's last hope in the form of a young man named Luke Skywalker. Secretly the son of a Jedi who fought and died in the Clone Wars, circumstances would fall just right to sweep Skywalker up into the course of galactic events.

Joining the Alliance, Skywalker helped lead the group to tremendous victories over the Empire at Yavin and then Endor where he would prove to be instrumental in the final defeat of the Sith and the destruction of the Empire. These events chronicle the incidents that led to the defeat of the Empire and the return of the Jedi.