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Ali-Vor was a Jedi Master during the time of the Old Republic, around the time of the Battle of Naboo. A Jedi Scholar, Ali-Vor felt that his Padawan, Rann I-Kanu, would also benefit from education as well. With this in mind, Ali-Vor sent Rann I-Kanu to Naboo to study at Theed's Royal House of Learning.

There, Rann met and befriended other students and grew in the Force. Ali-Vor often visited on Naboo and used the time they spent together there to advance Rann's knowledge and used the landscape and culture of Naboo to assign tasks to Rann to test what he was being taught. One particular time, Ali-Vor had been looking for smugglers who were transporting native creatures off of Naboo, and asked Rann to investigate.

With his friends, Rann and the group discovered a smuggling ring that was transporting veermoks off of Naboo and smuggling weapons in. Slipping past the smuggling ring's network of defenses, Ali-Vor's Padawan and his friends were able to find and arrest the smuggling ringleaders, and they located their list of contacts and turned the smugglers and the list over to the proper authorities. Ali-Vor was very proud of his Padawan and felt that someday he would soon become a Jedi Knight.