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Alurali was a female Jedi Knight, product of the Jedi Academy on Almas. As a youth, Alurali was part of a group in the Cularin System known as the Lost. These were homeless children who were abandoned, ran away from home, or simply slipped through the cracks of society and forced to live on their own, living in warehouses and abandoned buildings.

In the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo, more and more people were becoming aware of the plight of the Lost, especially those at the Jedi Temple. In fact, a number of children of the Lost were taken to the Jedi Academy on Almas for training and went on to become Jedi Knights themselves. Alurali was one such Jedi. Having passed her trials, Alurali made it her duty to help alleviate the problem of the homeless children. Working with other Jedi Knights and former Lost Ones, such as Lora Nadad, Alurali and crew implemented a number of programs to ensure that the homeless children of the Cularin System were taken care of with shelter, food, and education.