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Anavus Svag

Anavus Svag was a Jedi Guardian during the tumultuous time of the Hyperspace War, when the Sith Empire made their thrust for domination of the Republic. Of a near-Human species, Anavus served as a commander of the Coruscant defense force when the Sith fleet arrived prepared for war.

Serving along side Jedi Knights such as Tuknatan and Sonam Ha'ar, Anavus, the Jedi, and the Coruscant soldiers were able to push back the Sith threat. Once Coruscant was protected, Svag was part of the fleet the followed the Sith back to their region of space to ensure their forces were decimated, so that the threat they posed was unquestionably defeated.

As a Jedi Guardian, Anavus was an expert on tactics, weapons, armor, and vehicles used in combat during his time. Eventually, Anavus recorded all his military expertise into a holocron so that future Jedi could learn from his experiences. Always answering Jedi's questions tersely and in an efficient manner leaving the level of detail of his answers to be decided by the holocron's gatekeeper.