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Tuknatan was a feline Jedi Knight about 1000 years before the Sith War. He typically adorned just a white and gold head piece and a white and gold skirt. Instead of a lightsaber, Tuknatan preferred to use a golden staff, which he strengthened through the use of the Force. He was present on Coruscant during the time when Odan-Urr arrived with Empress Teta to warn the Republic and the Jedi Knights of the Sith Empire and the possible threat they presented.

He was also present on Coruscant when the Sith actually did attack, and he joined fellow Jedi Knights Memit Nadill, Sonam-Ha'ar, and another to defend Coruscant against the Sith invasion. As the battle raged on, the much of the Sith forces proved to be nothing but an illusion, and Tuknatan and the other Jedi represented the Jedi Knights well by victoriously defending Courscant.