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Andur Sunrider

Ever since he was a child, Andur Sunrider was fascinated with and always dreamed of one day becoming a Jedi Knight. He came from a long line of Jedi Knights; two generations before him, his grandfather, Jev Sunrider, was a Jedi Knight. From his grandfather, Andur learned much about the history, lore, and teachings of the Jedi Knights. Andur spent much of his time studying texts about the Jedi his grandfather gave him wanting to learn as much as he possibly could about them. Andur also secretly acquired some texts without the consent of his grandfather, because he knew in his heart he was meant to join their ranks.

When Andur turned twelve years old, his grandfather left on a mission to confront a threat in the system of Krayiss Two. A very long time passed without word from his grandfather, and Andur became very depressed, fearing he might never again see his grandfather. A year later, as Andur was working in the garden, the spirit of his grandfather appeared to him. Afraid at first, Andur became calm and listened to what his grandfather had to tell him. 'You will play a part in the coming war. But do not resist the role the Force wishes you to play, for things are not always what they seem' his grandfather said.

Before Andur had a chance to respond, his grandfather vanished into the Force, leaving Andur to think about what he was told. One thing Andur knew for sure however, was that his grandfather, Jev Sunrider, had become one with the Force and would never return home. Over the next few years, Andur met and married his wife, Nomi Sunrider and together they had a daughter, Vima Sunrider. Andur increased his study and understanding of the Jedi way and was soon invited to study under the guidance of Jedi Master Chamma, an old friend of his grandfather. Taking his wife, Nomi Sunrider along with him, they left for the planet H'ratth.

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