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Chamma began his service in the Jedi Knights four hundred years before the Freedon Nadd Uprising. His first mission as a Jedi Knight took him to the system of Loro Babis with two other Jedi Knights. The mission was to provide assistance to a distressed Republic vessel from the second planet of the system, Athiss. However, when Chamma and his companions entered the system they found no endangered ship, only signs of life coming from the planet below.

The Jedi set down their ship, the Bastion, night side of the planet and emerged into an open field. Using the Force to guide them to the life forms they sensed, the Jedi came to the edge of a forest of broad, deciduous trees. At the edge of the forest, the Jedi determined the life forms to be three distinct entities moving in different directions. Resolving that each member of the task force be assigned to track down one of the entities, the Jedi set off into the forest alone.

Some time later, deep into the forest Chamma, still having not made any progress began to question whether he should turn back or not. After taking a fall into a murky puddle, the Force alerted Chamma to danger. Spinning around, Chamma ignited his lightsaber and met the lightsaber of a figure that was twice as dark as the surroundings. A spawn of the dark side, Chamma knew nothing of the being other than its impressive size and strength. Getting over his initial shock, Chamma was able to concentrate, regain his composure and let the Force flow through him. However, the dark figure was too overpowering and knocked Chamma back with a wave of Dark Side energy. The attack disoriented and confused Chamma, leaving him to wonder why the Force had not protected him. But the dark figure's attack pressed on.

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