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Jedi Master Aqinos was a Sunesi Jedi Master of the Old Republic before and during the time of the Clone Wars. Trained by Jedi Master Jaled Dur, Aqinos was taught to appreciate the ubiquitousness of the Force and while perhaps only living beings could manipulate it, the Force emanated from everything around him, alive as well as lifeless. While some might say that Jedi Master Aqinos left behind a legacy of compassion and progressive thinking, some might argue Aqinos would be remembered for unorthodox beliefs and opposition to the status quo of the Jedi Order. The reason behind this was because of Aqinos' involvement with the Iron Knights - droids who could actually use the Force.

In reality, it was not the droids that were using the Force, but a sentient, crystalline life-form inside these droids, known as the Shard. The Shard hailed from the remote world of Orax. Silicon-based and sedentary, the Shard were nonetheless self-aware and possessed a collective consciousness; they were alive. Since all life is connected to the Force, it stands to reason that one might expect some of the Shard to possess some kind of Force-sensitivity.

This indeed was the case and some of the Shard longed to travel offworld. Of course their lack of locomotion presented a considerable problem for this desire. Luckily, the fact that the Shard perceived the universe through the electromagnetic spectrum coupled with the de facto technology used by droids made the two perfect symbionts: the droids provided the Shard a pathway to greater possibilities, and the Shard provided the droid a pathway to self-awareness.

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