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Cray Mingla

Cray Mingla was a female Jedi Knight who grew up during the Imperial occupation of the galaxy. When the Empire was defeated, Cray was a young woman, with interests in artificial intelligence and technology. Her interests led her to study at the Magrody Institute of Programmable Technology, and it was there that Cray met and fell in love with Nichos Marr, who was also Force-sensitive. The two were married and then both traveled to Yavin IV to study at the Jedi Academy under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker. Cray and Nichos studied for a time, honing their skills and developing their relationship to the Force; eventually both attained the rank of Jedi Knight.

However, not long after, Nichos was stricken with Qannot's Disease, a terminal disease that attacked the nervous system and deteriorated the body. Cray's love for Nichos led to her to search for a solution to save Nichos. With her knowledge of artificial intelligence and droid technology, Cray pursued all possible solutions, even to go so far as learning about Ssi-Ruuk entechment technology. Eventually, Cray developed an android body, into which she hoped to transfer Nichos' memories and essence, allowing him to live on in the body she created for him. As the disease claimed Nichos' physical body, the time for transfer was upon the Jedi Knights. The operation was a success, with Nichos' memories being transferred into the droid body, and with its lifelike exterior, it was as if Nichos was as real as ever.

Unfortunately, after a time, it seemed as if something was left behind, that Nichos was missing part of his humanity. However, before these questions could be answered, the Jedi were faced with a more pressing matter. A superweapon left over from Emperor Palpatine's days, the Eye of Palpatine, had resurfaced and continued with its programmed course of destruction. The Eye of Palpatine was a heavily armed ship, completely automated and programmed to traverse the galaxy laying waste to planets and gathering beings for indoctrination as stormtroopers. Originally, the ship was brought down by two Jedi Knights, Geith and Callista Ming, who both sacrificed themselves to stop the ship.

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