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Geith was a human Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic. During a trip to Cloud City, Geith met Jedi Padawan Callista Ming. She discovered that he was very much attuned to the Force and asked him to join her on the Jedi training vessel, the Chu'unthor. Geith agreed and over the years honed his skills as a Jedi Knight as well as a pilot. During his training, Geith was apprenticed to Jedi Master Djinn Altis, along with the woman who discovered his Force powers, Callista. Djinn preferred to teach his students among the clouds of Bespin, hidden on a floating platform.

It was here that Geith was trained from a Jedi Padawan, to a Jedi Knight. Through his training alongside Callista, the two developed a very deep affection for each other, and eventually fell in love. Soon darkness fell over the galaxy as Emperor Palpatine took control and hunted down the Jedi Knights during the Jedi Purge. As a tool of destruction to help hunt the Jedi, Emperor Palpatine built the warship, Eye of Palpatine.

When the Jedi Knights discovered this, it was critical for them to find the ship and destroy it. Dispatched by Jedi Master Plett, the two set out to stop the ship. Able to get into the ship, Geith and Callista were unable to leave, stopped by the ship's formidable defenses. After a long argument, the two decided that Geith would have the best chance of piloting out of the ship past the defenses. With a promise to return, Geith took a Skipray Blastboat and attempted to make his way out.

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