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Danyawarra was a Jedi Knight during the waning days of the Old Republic when strife seemed to be wherever one turned. A student of Jedi Master Ludwin Katarkus, Danyawarra accompanied Master Katarkus along with Jedi Master Everen Ettene and Jedi Knight Halagad Ventor, Master Ettene's student, on a diplomatic mission to help in the Virgillian Civil War. The civil war was between the two factions of the Virgillian Free Alignment and the planet's Aristocracy.

The war had been ongoing for two years before Danyawarra and the Jedi envoy made their trip, but unfortunately, the Jedi were unable to help. Upon arriving to the planet, the Jedi's ship was attacked and destroyed. Danyawarra, Master Katarkus, and Master Ettene were killed in the attack, with Halagad being the only one to survive. About a month later, services were held at the Jedi Temple to honor Danyawarra and the other fallen Knights.