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Darovit, also known as Tomcat, was a Force-sensitive Human from the planet of Somov Rit. When he was a teenager, the Jedi Order was at war with Sith Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness. While the Jedi responded by sending Jedi Master Hoth and his Army of Light against the Sith forces, the cataclysmic battles diminished the strength of the Jedi as Knights fell in battle. A scouting program was implemented to locate Force-users in the part of the galaxy where the fighting was taking place. While scouts initially sought out adults, as these inexperienced warriors fell to Sith forces, younger and younger candidates were conscripted into the Army of Light.

On a typical Somov Rit day, Darovit was out fishing with his cousins, Hardin and Zannah, also known as Bug and Rain respectively. Jedi Master Torr Snapit had arrived on Somov Rit looking for soldiers to fight in what would be the last battle of the war, the Battle of Ruusan. Master Snapit originally wanted Darovit and Hardin, as they were males and a bit older than Zannah. However, in an acceptable display of the Force, and with a little help from her cousin, Darovit, Torr Snapit agreed to take Zannah as well.

Whisked aboard a Master Snapit's starship, Darovit and his cousins left Somov Rit for the first time in their lives. On board, they were introduced to Sladak and his sister Slatka, also drafted into the war. On the ride to Ruusan, Hardin confronted Darovit for bringing Zannah along. He felt that she was simply too young to go to war, but Darovit felt that they simply could not leave her behind. When they arrived on Ruusan, the trio were amazed at how much land they saw. Somov Rit was covered by seas and Darovit, Hardin, and Zannah had never seen so many trees before.

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