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Zannah was a young girl from the sea-covered planet of Somov Rit where she lived with her cousins, Darovit and Hardin. Nicknamed Rain, the three made a living as simple farmers and fishermen. It turned out that the Force was strong in Zannah's family, and both Darovit and Hardin, as well as herself possessed a decent degree of Force-sensitivity. When Sith Lord Kaan waged war against the Jedi with his Brotherhood of Darkness, the Jedi responded by sending Jedi Master Hoth to meet this threat with what was known as the Army of Light. The war caused heavy losses on both sides, severely depleting their numbers. Accordingly, the Jedi and the Sith began scouting missions to locate Force-sensitives who could be potential warriors.

It was this task that brought Jedi Master Torr Snapit to Zannah's home planet. There he met a man named Root, cousin to Zannah, Darovit, and Hardin, who informed Master Snapit of the three teenagers potential. Initially, Despite the Jedi's willingness to send younger and younger recruits into battle, Torr Snapit felt Zannah was perhaps too young to join in the war effort, and he was only interested in taking Darovit and Hardin. However, he gave Zannah an opportunity to prove herself by using the Force to release the seeds stored within the pod of a maslak plant. With a little help from Darovit, Zannah succeeded and the three were on their way to Ruusan, the latest battlefield in the war against the Sith.

Aboard Master Snapit's starship, Zannah and her cousins met brother and sister Sladak and Slatka, also conscripted into the Army of Light. The pair was no old than Zannah or her cousins. As it was Zannah's first time ever off of Somov Rit, the ride through hyperspace excited her as her youthful innocence suppressed the fact that she was going off to war. The excitement continued as they arrived on Ruusan. Zannah and her cousins were impressed by the immense forests Somov Rit lacked. The excitement was short lived however as a pair of Sith fighters swooped in and opened fire in an attempt to bring down the ship. Their opening salvo ripped open the hull of the starship, killing Sladak and Slatka, and ripping Zannah from Darovit's arms.

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