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Djinn Altis

Djinn Altis was a Jedi Master during the golden age of the Old Republic. Djinn trained many Jedi Knights and preferred to teach them aboard a floating platform on the planet of Bespin hidden among the clouds. Two such Padawans Djinn trained on Bespin included Callista Ming, whom he discovered on the aquatic planet of Chad III, and Geith. Djinn also liked to spend his time as an instructor aboard the Jedi training ship, the Chu'unthor.

Actually, Djinn was present on the ship during the time it crashed into the planet of Dathomir and participated in the conflict between the Jedi and the Nightsisters. It is unknown if Djinn survived the battle with the Nightsisters however. Jedi Masters Yoda, Gra'aton, and Vulaton led a rescue mission to save the Jedi who had survived the crash and battle, but it is not known if Djinn was one of those Jedi saved. It is very possible that in the confrontation with the witches of Dathomir, Djinn Altis became one with the Force.