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Jedi Master Dominus served the Jedi Knights during the time of the Sith War, and the war between the Jedi Knights and the Krath. During this time, he was present at the Jedi center on Ossus. There he trained his dearest student, Zona Luka. During the course of the war, Zona Luka came to Master Dominus under the command of a Sith spell cast by Exar Kun. She was given the orders to murder her master. She met Dominus and attacked him with deadly intent. It crushed Dominus to have to battle against what he considered his most beloved student.

During the fight however, Zona Luka was able to overpower Master Dominus and mortally wounded him. As Dominus lay dying, he reminded Zona Luka that he had dedicated his life to defending the Light Side, and with his last effort was able to defeat the Sith magic controlling Zona Luka, but at the expense of her life. And with that, the two passed away, master and student, and Jedi Master Dominus became one with the Force.