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Ebor Taulk

Ebor Taulk was a Jedi Knight during the time the Yinchorri joined the Republic and representation in the Galactic Senate, a couple years before the battle of Naboo. Ebor was the Padawan of Jedi Knight Naeshahn, and the two were dispatched by Mace Windu at the behest of Supreme Chancellor Valorum to investigate an attack on Mayvitch 7. It appeared that the Yinchorri were responsible for the attack, but Mace Windu surmised that Naeshahn and Ebor would be sufficient to deal with the problem.

However, Mace Windu did not know enough about the Yinchorri to make such a decision on his own. However, Mace dispatched the two without consulting the rest of the Jedi Council on the best course of action. Unfortunately, had he done so, the situation would not have ended up as it did. It is not known the exact details of what happened to Ebor and Naeshahn, but both were killed by the Yinchorri and their mutilated bodies were delivered directly to Chancellor Valorum himself.