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Ivixa Delbaeth

Ivixa Dalbaeth was a Human Jedi Knight during the relative peace of the Old Republic. Co-sponsoring the idea for a mobile training and exploratory vessel for the Jedi, Ivixa presented the idea to the Jedi Council along with his comrade Fin-So-Rowan, a Cerean Jedi Master. The two felt that the Republic had stalled in its effort to improve itself, the lives of its citizens, and its exploration of the galaxy. The two also felt that the Jedi order had become somewhat stagnant in its efforts to help create a galactic community.

To rectify this problem, Ivixa and Fin-So-Rowan came up with the idea for the Chu'unthor. It would serve a dual purpose of training Jedi Knights as well as traveling to unexplored regions of the galaxy to make contact with new cultures and species. The Jedi Council agreed with the two masters' opinions and agreed to commission the construction of the vessel. Once completed, the vessel succeeded beyond greatest hopes. A number of great Jedi Knights were trained aboard the craft, which was also used to spread peace throughout the galaxy. Setting out to change the status quo of their time, Jedi Masters Ivixa Dalbaeth and Fin-So-Rowan came up with a plan, saw it through to fruition, and enjoyed the afterglow of its success.