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J'Mikel was an Anx Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic. Tall and hulking, J'Mikel sported a purple lightsaber to going along with the traditional brown Jedi robes. J'Mikel took the young Twi'lek girl named Xiaan Amersu as his Padawan and felt that she would someday she would become a great Jedi Knight. During a stay on Coruscant, the master and apprentice joined Jedi Knight Peerce on a hunt for the Jedi-killer, Aurra Sing.

Coming across a squad of murdered Republic Peacekeepers, the Jedi believed that their quarry was close. Peerce left J'Mikel and Xiaan to look ahead while the two thoroughly searched the surrounding area. Eventually coming upon Jedi Master Peerce, they found him murdered too by the hunter. It was at this point that Aurra Sing revealed herself and took the attack to J'Mikel.

Fighting bravely and with the Force, J'Mikel was able to fend off Aurra's attacks and even wound her. However, Aurra Sing was also adept at using the Force, and used the Dark Side to her advantage during her combat with the Jedi Knight. Aurra pressed the attack, and when she forced J'Mikel to parry high, revealed a second lightsaber and brought it into his midsection.

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