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Peerce was a Skrilling Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic. With the habit of referring to himself in the third person, Peerce joined Jedi Knight J'Mikel and his Padawan, Xiaan Amersu, when the Jedi came under attack by the bounty hunter, Aurra Sing. Tracking her down through the levels and streets of Coruscant, Peerce and the other Jedi soon discovered a squad of Republic Peacekeepers who were murdered by the woman. Noticing one was missing, Peerce ventured on ahead to search for the missing officer, while J'Mikel and Xiaan searched the surrounding area.

Peerce did find the missing officer and hoping that he was still alive, tried to get information from him. It was at this time that Aurra Sing surprised Peerce and engaged him in combat. With the Dark Side of the Force, Sing claimed the life of Peerce and sent him to become one with the Force. As a message, Aurra Sing left Peerce to be discovered by the following Jedi. J'Mikel and Xiaan approached Peerce not knowing he was dead and found that Aurra Sing had bisected Peerce right through his waist. Claiming many Jedi lives already, Peerce was added to that list.