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Kai Hudorra

Jedi Master Kai Hudorra was a Bothan Jedi that fought in the Clone Wars during the last years of the Old Republic. Towards the end of the war he was assigned to fight with Jedi Master Simms and her Padawan, Noirah Na, on the snowy world of Toola in the Outer Rim Sieges. After weeks of fighting, Hudorra and the Jedi scored their first major victory by destroying the power generators of the Confederacy's battledroids.

Shortly after the battle ended however, Darth Sidious issued Order 66 and the clonetroopers fighting under the Jedi turned on their commanders killing Master Simms. Master Hudorra barely escaped with Noirah Na and the two made their way to Ithaqua station hunted across the snowy plains by the soldiers they had been fighting next to in the preceding days. Taking shelter in a warehouse, Hudorra tells Noirah to hide while he ventures into the city to find answers.

Obtaining new clothes, Hudorra made his way to a local cantina where he discovered that the news was reporting the war to be over, that the Jedi had tried to overthrow the Republic, but had been defeated by their clonetroopers. When a trooper raiding party made a stop at the cantina, Hudorra knew they could not remain long on Toola. Booking passage off-planet, Hudorra then returned to collect Noirah.

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