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Jedi Master Simms was a female Jedi of the Old Republic who fought in the Clone Wars. Towards the end of the war, Master Simms fought with her Padawan Noirah Na and alongside Jedi Master Kai Hudorra on Toola in the Outer Rim Sieges. Fighting against the Separatist on the snowy world, neither the Republic nor the Confederacy could gain the advantage, but after weeks of fighting, Simms and Master Hudorra launched an attack against the main generators of the Separatists' battledroids.

With their troops launching a diversionary attack, Master Simms' plan was successful and the Jedi proved to be victorious. However, shortly after the Separatists' defeat, Darth Sidious issued Order 66 and the clonetroopers Simms and the Jedi had been fighting alongside mere hours earlier now fired on their commanders.

Jedi Master Simms made a stand in the snowy hills of Toola in order to give Master Hudorra and her Padawan a chance to escape. Sadly, Simms was singlehandedly facing a legion of one of the greatest armies the galaxy had ever known and gave her life to save that of her fellow Jedi.