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Kirlocca was a Wookie Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic and attended the Jedi Academy on Almas. Although he was older than most students at the Academy, Kirlocca showed a remarkable talent with the Force and was accepted by the Academy's headmaster immediately. In fact, Kirlocca was the lasted student accepted by Nerra Ziveri, the headmaster, before he disappeared, and his student, Lanius Qel-Bertuk took over. During his time at the Academy, Kirlocca showed an interest in the Jedi arts that molded a Jedi Guardian and soon became a master of lightsaber technique.

With his Wookie strength and speed to compliment his skill in the Force, Kirlocca soon became unbeatable. When he gained the title of Jedi Knight, Kirlocca decided to stay at the Academy to teach lightsaber technique. In addition to this, Kirlocca helped teach basic Force exercises and oversaw certain areas of the Jedi trials. Although Kirlocca possess an impressive amount of wisdom, he prefers to teach his students through martial training. Unusual for a Wookie, Kirlocca eventually abandoned his Wookie war cries and sparred in battle with an eerie silence. Kirlocca was a strong Jedi and held no hesitation to kill anyone who violated what he felt was the will of the Force.