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Nemo was a Human Jedi Knight during the time Darth Malak ravaged the galaxy with war. An old man during this time, Nemo lived out his final years at the Jedi enclave on Dantooine. While there, Nemo crossed paths with Revan and companions as they searched for the Star Forge. Nemo similarly believed that Dantooine held secrets as to the Star Forge's location and conducted his own search.

To his credit, Nemo was able to discover the location of the secret catacomb on Dantooine that held the missing piece of the map to the location of the Star Forge. Unfortunately, Nemo was either unprepared or unable to deal with the traps intended to keep out intruders. As Nemo entered the catacomb, the trap was discharged and Nemo, Jedi Knight, became one with the Force.