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The Jedi known as Noga-ta has had his, her, or it's history fall into the realm of forgotten lore and legend. Some believe that it was Noga-ta who was the ancient Jedi who first made contact with the inhabitants of Barab I, the Barabels, and changed their way of life forever. As the legend goes, the Barabels were simply infants on the galactic timeline of civilizations. Living in underground clans, the Barabels were at constant war with each other over hunting grounds. By fate or by the Force, Noga-ta arrived on Barab I on the eve of war between the Barabels two biggest clans. War on such a scale would have engulfed the entire known world and resulted in the pointless deaths of many.

However, Noga-ta beseeched the Barabels for an attempt to broker peace between the warring factions. Granting the Jedi this request, Noga-ta was indeed able to find a peaceful resolution between the clans and prevent war. Taking a giant step on the road to civilization, the Barabels adopted a completely new way of life that day. Seeing the wisdom in the Jedi's words, the Barabels took their first steps to becoming members of the galactic community.

From that day forth, the Barabels no longer warred with each other, but instead created a culture based on cooperation and understanding. Additionally, the Barabels built into their culture a high esteem for the Jedi, always respecting their words of wisdom and any decision a Jedi made. Whether the Jedi who stopped a war with words that fateful day was Noga-ta or not may never be known. The only evidence to point to Noga-ta's existence are ancient Barabel pots and wall carvings depicting a Jedi figure branding a green lightsaber and labeled with Noga-ta's name. Whoever that Jedi was, it can be said that he, she, or it saved the Barabels not from some outside enemy, but from themselves.