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Noirah Na

Noirah Na was a female, Human Padawan of the Jedi Order during the Old Republic. A teenager at the outbreak of the Clone Wars, she was apprenticed to Jedi Master Simms and traveled with her to the Outer Rim Sieges where they battled against Separatist forces on the snowy world of Toola, home to the Whipid race. There the pair fought alongside Bothan Jedi Master Kai Hudorra against the Confederacy's legion of battledroids.

For weeks the Padawan Na and the Jedi fought but only to a standstill. Finally, the Jedi launched a two-fronted attack with the clonetroopers acting as a diversion. The ruse worked and the Republic forces were able to destroy the droids' main power generators. After the victory however, the Jedi's troops received the infamous Order 66 from Chancellor Palpatine, or rather Darth Sidious.

The troops turned on the Jedi and Noirah's master gave her life in order that Na and Master Hudorra could escape. The pair headed towards Ithaqua Station, having to swim through an icy river to take refuge in a warehouse. Master Hudorra had Na wait there while he ventured into the city to find some answers and arrange safe passage for them off world. He returned with new clothes that would allow them to blend in to the crowd. Knowing that the clonetroopers would be looking for a pair consisting of a young girl, he cut Noirah's hair short disguising her as a young boy.

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