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Odan-Urr was a Draethos Jedi Knight around the time of the Great Hyperspace Wars as well as on through the great Sith War. As a youth, Odan trained under the Jedi under Jedi Master Ooroo, and became especially strong in the use of his telepathic abilities. Also as a youth, Odan was facinated by the lore and history of the Jedi Knights and spent much of his time going through old records and documents. This pattern of study often drew forth scolding from Master Ooroo for ignoring other duties of a Jedi Knight.

At last came the time for Odan to answer these duties. Master Ooroo felt that it was time for Odan to experience the galaxy, and felt he could help in the Unification Wars of the Empress Teta System. Six out of seven of Empress Teta's worlds had been unified, and Ooroo gave Odan, as his mission, the task of assisting Empress Teta's forces in unifying the seventh. Odan, having spent all his time as a Jedi studying, was clearly apprehensive about being thrust into battle. Odan-Urr left for Cinnagar, a planet under the rule of Empress Teta in the Koros System, and arrived to meet Empress Teta's advisor, and Jedi Knight as well Memit Nadill.

As soon as Odan arrived on Cinnagar, it was time for him to leave again, this time to Kirrek, the last ununified planet of Empress Teta. There he and Memit Nadill led a task force to take back the planet from the pirates holding it. During the battle, Odan-Urr used his telepathic abilities to use the technique of Jedi Battle Meditation to overcome the pirate forces. Odan-Urr's battle meditation prevented a blood-bath by saving many lives on both fronts. Once the war was over and the seven planets consolidated, Odan-Urr remained on Cinnagar as the newly asigned watchman of the Koros System.

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