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Ortragg was a Jedi Master during the Old Republic and had many apprentices throughout his lifetime as a Jedi. One such apprentice was Jedi Knight Shalavaa. Shalavaa was a Human Jedi, and as he neared the end of his training with Ortragg, Ortragg gave him the assignment of acting as a Jedi protector to a fenti bean farming and nerf herding community on some backwater planet.

With a few last words of encouragement, Ortragg left Shalavaa to his first duty as a Jedi Knight. However, the assignment was more than it appeared to be; it was actually a test designed by Ortragg and he returned to meet up with Shalavaa a few weeks later. As Shalavaa emerged from the test having passed with flying colors, Ortragg explained that he was now ready to confront even greater evils plaguing the galaxy.