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Pernicar was an elderly, Human Jedi Knight during the time the Jedi were at war with the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness. Pernicar had come from a small town on a small planet, son to a poor scribe. As a youth, Pernicar wanted nothing more to grow up to be a scribe, to follow in his father's footsteps. However, Pernicar had three other brothers, and a scribe's earnings were never enough to feed four brothers. When Pernicar showed his first skills in the Force, his father sent him away, in hopes for a better life; that he might amount to something more than just a simple scribe.

However, when he was sent away, Pernicar was too young to understand the reasons for it, that it was done out of love, that Pernicar's father only wanted the best for him. Initially rejecting his father's decision, it took years and the maturity that only comes with time to understand. Accepting his role as a Jedi, Pernicar eventually became Lord Hoth's aide on the planet of Ruusan during the Jedi's battles with the Sith.

As his aide, Pernicar was in charge of troop deployment, calculations, and scouting reports. Not an assigned duty, but rather one he took up on his own, Pernicar also took the responsibility of comforting Lord Hoth during those stressful times, ensuring him that victory was close at hand, and that Hoth should not accept the responsibility of the consequences resulting from the Sith's actions. Unfortunately, consequences from the Sith's actions soon extended to include Pernicar. When the Sith Lords sent a Force-storm to ravage the Jedi as well as the planet. While Lord Hoth survived the destruction, Pernicar did not. Receiving the grief from such Jedi Knights as Valenthyne Farfalla and of course Lord Hoth, Pernicar became one with the Force, a casualty of the war between the Jedi Knights and the Sith.