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Petja was a Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic when the Jedi were at war with Dark Lord Kaan, and his Sith armies. Sporting brown dreadlocks and a red and blue knight uniform, Petja allowed an imposing figure to anyone he encountered. Seeing the war all the way through to the final battles of Ruusan, Petja fought along side Kiel Charny, Jedi Knight and General in Jedi Lord Hoth's army. In addition to fighting, Petja was a runner who ran messages back and forth to Lord Hoth at his base camp, and the Jedi companies at the battle sites. After a particularly glorious victory, Petja returned to Hoth with bittersweet news.

Although the Jedi had won an important confrontation, they had lost many Knights in the process. However, this news of victory was not enough to lift Hoth's spirits, as he was concerned about the dwindling numbers of the Jedi army, and the desperate need for reinforcements. As the Battle of Ruusan raged on, and the Jedi encountered the Sith in battle more and more, Petja was in the middle of the skirmishes and during one such battle, acquired a wound that left him without the use of his right eye. Luckily for the Jedi however, reinforcements did arrive, in the form of Jedi Knight Valenthyne Farfalla, who brought with him his personal skyboat along with one hundred knights to fill Lord Hoth's ranks.

While Petja gladly received Farfalla and welcomed him warmly, Lord Hoth however, scolded him and rebuffed his arrival, saying he was too late to do anything worthwhile. It was obvious that Hoth and Farfalla would not work well together, and so Valenthyne left with his knights to start his own front against the Sith. As the battles raged on, the Jedi were hit with an especially harsh attack from the Sith in the form of a Force-storm that ravaged through the forest destroying everything in its path. This destruction, as well as previous destruction of the planet caused by the war caused Ruusan's native inhabitants, a semi-sentient species known as 'Floaters,' named so for their way of moving about.

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