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Jedi Master Plett served the Jedi Knights during the waning days of the Old Republic and the rise of Emperor Palpatine. A Ho'Din Jedi Knight from Moltok, Plett worked not only as a Jedi Knight, but a scientist and botanist as well and could communicate with animals as well. Eventually Plett took up residence on Belsavis, and it was rumored among the natives that he controlled the weather. Once the Jedi Knights came under attack from Emperor Palpatine and his henchmen, Plett hid many Force-sensitive children in the Plawal rift valley on Belsavis to hide them from the Jedi Purge.

However, soon the Jedi Knights learned of the Eye of Palpatine, a ship designed to hunt down and destroy any Force-sensitive beings. Fearing this new weapon, Plett dispatched two Jedi Knights, Callista Ming and Geith, to find the ship and disable it. Plett eventually became one with the Force by way of reasons unknown, and the children he hid on Belsavis were lost to the rivers of time. During the time of the Jedi Knight's greatest peril, Plett did his best to raise a new generation of Jedi Knights so that someday, they might restore peace and justice to the galaxy.