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Jedi Master Puroth was a female, Eirrauc Jedi in the years leading up to the Old Republic. The Eirrauc species possessed six limbs, four of them being arms. Due to this unique physical feature, Jedi Master Puroth was one of the best swordsman of the Jedi order. During the Clone Wars, Puroth had taken Vuvrian Jedi Knight Nystammall as her apprentice. During the war, Puroth and Nystammall fought against General Grievous and his battledroid armies on the planet of Tovarskl.

Harboring a hatred for the Jedi that was forged from Grievous' experiences in the Huk War, the cyborg Kaleesh general relished the opportunity to exact revenge on a few Jedi Knights. During the Clone Wars, General Grievous killed dozens of Jedi Knights in battle, including Puroth's apprentice Nystammall on Tovarskl. Of all the Jedi Grievous fought, Puroth proved to be the most challenging. With four arms herself, she was a physically equal opponent to Grievous. Unfortunately, Grievous proved to be just a bit better, cutting off all four limbs of the Eirrauc Jedi and sending her to join her Padawan in the Force.