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Qalsneek the Bull was a Jedi Master of the Old Republic from the planet of Dellalt. Like many Jedi Masters, Qalsneek saw fit to store his knowledge in a holocron for future generations of Jedi. However, as he was from a waterborne species, Qalsneek created his holocron from sea crystals making it one of the most elaborate and beautiful holocrons ever created. Eventually, Qalsneek's holocron wound up in the hands of Jedi archivist Gar Anstak, also a member of an aquatic species.

While Master Anstak maintained submarine archives at the Great Jedi Library on Ossus, he included Qalsneek the Bull's holocron in a collection of artifacts that were transferred to Derem City on Kamino. Unfortunately, with the destruction of Ossus by the Cron Cluster supernova, the rising tides of Kamino that submerged Derem City under three kilometers of water, and the death of Master Anstak, the sea-crystal holocron was lost for centuries.