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Qornah was a Jedi Master during the height of the Old Republic and the Jedi. Taking as his Padawan a young Knight by the name of Kibh Jeen, the two were dispatched to the remote system of Cularin. The Jedi Knights, probing the system with the Force, discovered a concentration of Dark Side energy that surrounded an ancient Sith fortress that resided there. Qornah and Kibh were chosen as the team sent to investigate the system, as they were felt to be capable to handle almost anything.

The Jedi Council having reported that the Sith fortress there was long since deserted, Qornah piloted his ship to the planet with confidence, unable to feel the pull of the Dark Side energy. However, his Padawan remained behind Qornah struggling silently. As the ship set down and the two emerged into the foliage-covered landscape, Kibh Jeen succumbed to the whispered temptations that that pressed against his mind.

It was here that Kibh took up his lightsaber and cut him down from behind sending him to become one with the Force. Kibh continued into the Dark Side and eventually initiated the Dark Jedi Conflict that claimed many lives. Kibh was eventually brought to justice by the Jedi Knights; however, Qornah still remained the first casualty of his apprentice's failure.