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Jedi Master Quarmall was an Abyssin Jedi Master who served the Order during the time of the Separatist crisis and the Clone Wars that followed. In the years that preceded the Clone Wars, countless systems fell into political turmoil and the Jedi were called at every turn to intervene. One of Quarmall's most notable assignments of this time was to infiltrate and stop an illegal smuggling cartel on the world of Cona, home to the Arcona species.

Prior to this crisis, Cona had conducted all of their import needs through the Trade Federation, but when taxes made the relationship cost-prohibitive, the native Arnonans were forced to do business with independent contractors. Their primary import was liquid water. However, it was soon discovered that the Arcona species physiology reacted to salt as if it were a drug, producing feelings of euphoria. Unfortunately, it was also highly addictive and when a kingpin by the name of Lojrak Shrag began importing the drug, the effect on the Arcona population reached epidemic levels.

A report written for the Republic Senate highlighted the severity of the problem and called upon the Jedi to deliver a solution. Three Jedi were assigned to infiltrate the smuggling ring, Master Quarmall, Tassida Judrelle, and Stass Allie. With help from other independent shipping operations, Quarmall and the Jedi were able to gain access to Shrag's cartel and put an end to it. Shrag and his goons were operating out of an unnamed asteroid merely five parsecs from Cona. With the cartel out of business, the Arcona government was able to begin the work of reversing the effects of the rampant drug use and were extremely grateful to Quarmall and the Jedi for their help.

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