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Rann I-Kanu

Rann I-Kanu was a young Human Jedi, born during the Old Republic, sometime before the Battle of Naboo. As a young Jedi, Rann was apprenticed to Jedi Master Ali-Vor who sent Rann to study at the Royal House of Learning in the city of Theed on the planet of Naboo. There, Rann met Sia-Lan Wezz, a young Human female and Jedi as well, and a host of other students who soon became good friends.

During Rann's time on Naboo, Rann's Master learned of the possible smuggling of native animals off of Naboo. Feeling this would be a good test of Rann's skills, his Master asked Rann and his friends to investigate the rumors. Rann agreed and learned from one of his friends of a possible hidden base, occupied by the smugglers deep in the jungles of Naboo. With this starting piece of information, Rann, his friend Arani, Rorworr,a Wookie, and Galak, a Twi'lek, headed off in the direction of the base.

Along their way, Rann and the group discovered a smashed speeder belonging to an archaeologist from the House of Learning who had been missing for some time. Continuing through the forest, the group discovers an old shrine with newly installed locks. Making their way into the compound, the group faced the smugglers they were looking for. Overpowering them, the group continues on to fine the missing archaeologist. Setting him free, the group hacks into the smugglers' computers to learn who was leading the operation, Saidle Frex, and that the operation consisted of smuggling native veermoks off Naboo and smuggling in weapons.

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