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Rivi-Anu was a female Jedi that fought under Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi and alongside Jedi such as Eon and Aayla Secura during the Outer Rim Sieges. Before one particular battle, Rivi-Anu spoke to Master Ki expressing her fears, as well as the fears of the other young Jedi, regarding going into battle. Rivi-Anu felt she was young and inexperienced, which formed the basis of her fears. However, Master Ki stayed Rivi's fears with wisdom only a Jedi Master could impart.

When the battle began, Rivi-Anu and the Jedi were succeeded in leading the clonetroopers to push back the Separatist forces. However, attempting to secure the west flank, Rivi-Anu was hit by a hail of blaster fire and fell, wounded in the field of battle. As Master Ki attempted to rescue Rivi-Anu, a damaged Republic cruiser threatened to crash into the battlefield and destroy the entire battalion of Republic forces. Rather than allow Ki-Adi-Mundi to save her, Rivi-Anu could not allow the warship to destroy the Jedi and the clonetroopers.

Using the Force to slow the descent of the warship, Master Ki was able to get the Jedi and clonetroopers far enough away from the battlefield before the ship finally crashed. The ensuing explosion killed Rivi-Anu, and she became one with the Force. Despite her doubt about her abilities, Rivi-Anu's sacrifice saved the lives of many Jedi and hundreds of clonetroopers.