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Soon Bayts

Soon Bayts was a Jedi Knight during the Old Republic. Tall and dark-skinned, Soon was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant like many of his brethren. Twenty years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, as Soon Bayts was still a young Jedi Knight, he spent much of his time at the Coruscant Jedi Temple and was present during the Yinchorri crisis. The crisis came about when the Yinchorri officially joined the Republic and gained representation in the Senate.

However, the Yinchorri soon became bold and too aggressive and began attacking outposts in the Outer Rim. A pair of Jedi, Naeshahn and Padawan Ebor Taulk, were sent to the Outer Rim to confront the Yinchorri. Unfortunately, the two Jedi returned to the Temple in body bags, and it was clear that more forceful negotiations were necessary. A second team of Jedi Knights, much larger and consisting of many Jedi Masters was assembled. Soon Bayts served as liason between the Jedi in the field and the Jedi Masters at the Temple. Soon Bayts would keep the Jedi Temple masters apprised of any developments

With the mission underway, the communications between the Jedi task force and the Jedi Temple became been cut off by a Yinchorri surprise attack. Soon Bayts was first in informing Jedi Masters Yoda and Yaddle that, although two ships had been lost, all three Jedi teams had made it to their rendezvous points. Also, in an interesting turn of events, Soon reported that the Jedi had taken a Devaronian prisoner after he led an ambush against the Jedi. Additionally, the Yinchorri were so bold as to even attack and infiltrate the Jedi Temple itself. Soon was present for the excitement that followed and subsequent elimination of the threat.

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