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Tassida Judrelle

Tassida Judrelle was a Jedi Knight who served the Order when the Separatist crisis brought on by the Confederacy of Independent Systems erupted into the Clone Wars. Prior to the war, instigation by the Confederacy spawned numerous individual crises all over the galaxy. The Jedi were called to intervene and were soon spread perilously thin. As the crisis gained momentum, it became less and less common to hear of Jedi deaths in the fighting that resulted from these conflicts. One conflict that turned out to be a victory for the Jedi was the dismantling of an Arconan smuggling cartel.

At the Battle of Naboo, the Trade Federation demonstrated they had become interested in being a much larger player in galactic events. In the following years, many of the crises that arose were due to Trade Federation taxation policies. The small world of Arcona was no different. When Trade Federation taxes proved to be too high for the humble Arcona to pay, the government was forced to do business with independent shipping contractors. Arcona's largest import was simply liquid water. When a shipment became tainted with sodium chloride, it was discovered that the mineral served as a highly addictive and euphoric-inducing drug to the native Arconans.

A market for the substance opened up almost overnight, and the Arconan nests descended into calamity as many fell under its influence. The biggest player in the salt smuggling ring was Lojrak Shrag, formerly one of the independent shippers hired by the Arconan government. Shrag eventually reached kingpin status at the height of the operation, but it was a position that could not last forever. The plight soon became a pandemic that luckily did not go unnoticed by the Republic Senate. They appealed to the Jedi for help who responded by sending a task force that consisted of Tassida Judrelle, Jedi Master Quarmall, and Stass Allie.

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