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Treetower was an Ugnaught Jedi during the Clone Wars. One mission during the war sent Treetower to the planet of Yorn Skot, a gas giant and source of tibanna gas. As a result, a number of mining stations were established on Yorn Skot to mine the gas. During the Clone Wars, the Trade Federation used Yorn Skot to smuggle goods. Jedi Treetower learned that the smuggling operation also included Ugnaught men, women, and children. The Ugnaughts were intended to be enslaved and forced to work in the Confederacy's battle droid factories.

Treetower traveled to Yorn Skot to intercept the next shipment of slaves, but unfortunately was overpowered by the super battle droids that protected the mining stations. Treetower was left stranded, hanging among the clouds of Yorn Skot on an isolated mining platform. Luckily, a squad of clonetroopers known as H.O.P.E. squad was dispatched to rescue Treetower. Parachuting into the atmosphere, the clonetroopers rescued Treetower, defeated the Separatist forces, and rescued the Ugnaught slaves waiting to be transported.