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Turpimir was a Jedi Knight in Lord Hoth's Army of Light during the time the Jedi were at war with the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness. Turpimir fought alongside Jedi Knights such as Kiel Charny, Saleeh, Zor Vlahu, and Chayka, charging with them as the battled Sith Lord Kaan's army, silencing his gun turrets and defeating Sith warriors by the thousands.

Turpimir was lucky in that battle; he survived, while many of his fellow Knights did not. However, while Turpimir had survived the Jedi's attack on the Sith, he was not as lucky when the Sith attacked the Jedi. Caught in the path of a Force-storm summoned by the combined power of the Sith Lords, Turpimir perished and joined his brothers who had went before him to become one with the Force.