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Vima Sunrider

Vima Sunrider was born to her Jedi parents, Nomi and Andur Sunrider just before the time of the Sith War. Spending her infancy on the planet of H'ratth while her father trained as a Jedi Knight under Jedi Master Chamma, soon it came for the Sunrider family to leave H'ratth. Vima's father was being sent to the remote planet of Ambria to learn more from Jedi Master Thon, as well as to deliver some lightsaber crystals sent by Master Chamma. However, Andur never made it to Ambria. During the journey, at a jump beacon in deep space, the Sunrider family was attacked by gangsters, and Vima's father died in their defense.

Vima and her mother only escaped when Nomi took up Andur's lightsaber to fend off the attackers. Unsure what to do, Nomi returned to the family ship with baby Vima, and continued towards Ambria. Once on Ambria, Vima was introduced, although she probably would never remember it, to Master Thon, and his student, Jedi Knight Oss Wilum. Vima's mother took her husband's place as a Jedi Knight, and Vima spent the next few months growing up on the harsh, lonely world. During those months, Vima's mother trained with Master Thon, learning the way of the Force and of the Jedi. However, Vima showed her own aptitude in the Force by instinctively using basic Force techniques to scare away some of Ambria's smaller creatures that would bother her.

The remoteness of the planet however, was not enough to keep Vima and her family safe from harm. There was one incident on Ambria where Vima was almost attacked by the hideous, reptilian beasts from the depths of Lake Natth. Also, the gangsters that attacked the Sunrider family at the jump beacon followed them to Ambria and attacked them there as well; although they were repelled by Nomi and Master Thon. Soon, time had passed and Vima was becoming a toddler. Her mother was also growing herself, as a fine Jedi Knight, and soon Vima, her mother, and Master Thon traveled to the Jedi planet of Ossus. Once there, Vima's mother was chosen as part of a task force sent to the planet of Onderon to help deal with the Freedon Nadd uprising. With her mother gone, Vima remained on Ossus, taken care of by the Jedi and in the presence of great Jedi Masters, such as Vodo-Siosk Baas.

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