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Vima-Da-Boda was a female Jedi Knight descended from a long line of powerful and legendary Jedi, specifically that of the Sunrider line. A descendant of legendary Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider and her daughter Vima Sunrider, Vima-Da-Boda was a powerful warrior during the time of the Old Republic, protecting justice and the innocent. Just as knowledge of the Jedi Knights had been passed down to her, so did Vima wish to pass on that information to her own daughter, Neema-Da-Boda. Neema possessed the same innate Force-ability as that of her ancestors, and Vima began instructing her daughter in the ways of the Force. Over time, Neema came into her own as her abilities gradually increased and she became closer to becoming a Jedi Knight.

However, Neema showed much impatience with her training and Vima's instruction and wished to master her abilities quickly. Because of her own ambition and impatience, Neema began accelerating her learning on her own, although unfortunately at the price of delving into the Dark Side. Eventually, Neema fell in with a group of Jedi who also wished to become too powerful too fast, and it was then that Neema's fall to the Dark Side was complete. Deeply saddened by this, Vima attempted to turn her daughter from the Dark Side, but this attempt only furthered Neema's anger towards her mother as well as the place in the Dark Side. Eventually abandoning her mother, Neema fled to the far reaches of the galaxy where she met and married a barbaric warlord of the Ottethan system, a little known, dangerous reaches of space on the far edges of the galaxy.

Ignoring her mother's pleas to come to her senses, Neema eventually ended up wed to the warlord, but soon found herself tired of his barbarism and ignorance. Along with this was his constant infidelity to Neema, who he cast aside many times for his many concubines. Fed up and enraged, Neema attempted to use her Dark Side powers against her, but failed to kill him. The warlord had learned enough from Neema's Force-using friends to protect himself against her attacks. Overpowering her, the warlord threw Neema into a cell where she was kept for months. While Neema suffered there for months, it gave her time to think of her actions, came to her senses, and regretted her actions.

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