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Vodo-Siosk Baas

Vodo-Siosk Baas was a crustacean-like Jedi Master during the time of the Sith War. With rough, red, skin, black eyes, and pincers for hands, Master Vodo taught many Jedi Knights including Dace Diath, Shoaneb Culu, Sylvar, Crado, and Exar Kun. Vodo taught some of his students from the Jedi planet of Ossus, but with Sylvar, Crado, and Kun, Vodo preferred the quiet plains of Dantooine. In his training of the three, Vodo became concerned with Kun's curiosity about the Dark Side, the Sith ways, and hidden knowledge meant only for Jedi Masters who were mature enough to handle such information. Many times did Vodo catch Kun trying to get hidden information from his holocron, and many times did Vodo scold him for it.

As the three Jedi were in the latter stages of their training, Vodo liked to use the grasslands of Dantooine as a sparring ring for lightsaber practice between the three. During one such session, Exar Kun bested both Crado, and his mate Sylvar in battle. Wanting to rid Kun of his arrogance, Vodo engaged Kun in combat with nothing but his simple walking stick. Kun was able to defeat Vodo in the match, granted Vodo had only a stick, but Kun's arrogance remained. Soon after this incident, Kun left Vodo and the Cathar Jedi on a quest to satisfy his interest in the Sith. Vodo remained with Sylvar and Crado as elsewhere in the galaxy, a group calling themselves the Krath declared war on the Jedi, and Vodo's own student Kun was delving dangerously deep in forbidden knowledge.

A meeting to discuss the actions of the Krath prompted a Jedi meeting, a convocation that took place on the planet of Deneba. Thousands of Jedi attended, and Vodo was not one to skip such an important gathering. With Crado and Sylvar, Vodo boarded his ship and headed for Deneba. During the journey, Vodo sensed that Exar Kun was in trouble on the Sith planet of Korriban. Meditating, Vodo attempted to help Kun on Korriban, even from across the galaxy.

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