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Crado was a Cathar Jedi Knight in service during the Sith War. He was apprenticed to Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas and trained along side Exar Kun and his lover, another Cathar Jedi named Sylvar. A formidable Jedi himself, Crado however was frequently bested by Exar Kun in lightsaber training exercises. Because of this Crado looked up to Exar Kun and held him in the highest esteem, and he would try to model himself after Exar Kun because he admired the ability Exar Kun had in the Force. The last time Crado and Exar Kun dueled as apprentices was on Dantooine, just before Exar Kun left on his own to study the secrets of the Sith.

In this match, once again Exar Kun beat Crado and boasted of his prowess. Running to his side, Crado's lover, Sylvar, meant to make sure he was not hurt, but Master Vodo told her it was her turn to duel with Kun. Trying to keep up with Kun was too much for Sylvar, and unfortunately she gave into her instinctive rage, giving Kun three deep gashes across his cheek. However, Kun was too much for Sylvar and bested her too. Master Vodo deemed it time for Kun to duel with him. Master Vodo demonstrated to Exar Kun why he is a Jedi Master, defeating him easily. However, Crado, yelling for Kun to prove his arrogance threw him a lightsaber and the battle continued. Some how, Kun was able to beat Master Vodo in the duel leaving Crado, Sylvar, and even Master Vodo surprised and perhaps even shocked. Soon after, Kun left to search for and study the Sith and their history.

Some time later, Master Vodo-Siosk Baas felt a disturbance in the Force; Exar Kun had gone too far, dug to deep in his quest for information on the Sith. Vodo knew his apprentice was in trouble, so he took Crado and Sylvar to the Jedi convocation on Deneba. The Jedi trio landed on Deneba in the middle of the Krath's attack against the Jedi with their battle droids. Crado, Sylvar, and Vodo lent their help to defend the Jedi against the attack, and were instrumental in ending it. Six months later, after Ulic Qel-Droma joined the Krath, and Exar Kun had given himself fully to the Dark Side, naming himself Dark Lord of the Sith, Crado and most of the Jedi traveled to Ossus to discuss the growing threat in the galaxy.

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