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Jedi Master Zuth was a dark-skinned, Human Jedi Master of the Old Republic. Sporting a completely bald head, Zuth very much resembled his contemporary, the venerable Jedi Master Mace Windu. Taking as his Padawan the tow-headed female Human, Tu'ala, Zuth sought to instill in her a belief in destiny and that the Force has parts for all to play.

While she was still a student, Tu'ala often discussed with Zuth the Jedi's role in the galaxy and the how the Jedi fit into the concept of destiny. Tu'ala felt that if every creature was equal in the eyes of the Force, why then, should a Jedi every sacrifice his, her, or itself for another being? Unfortunately, Tu'ala was never completely satisfied with Zuth's explanations.

Sometime later, Zuth and his Padawan were charged with the security of a Quarren ambassador to guard against a possible assassination attempt. The threat was indeed valid as the ambassador's attackers ambushed the group as they made their way across a landing platform. As the attack presented itself, both from the ground and higher up with a sniper, Zuth and Tu'ala attempted to get the ambassador to safety. Unfortnately, while he was protecting the Quarren, Zuth took a shot to the chest from a blaster rifle.

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