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The Abeloth Crisis - Lore

Assault on the New Jedi Temple
Attack on Bright Sun Hill
Battle on Pydyr
Confrontation on Dorin
The Dathomir Skirmishes
Desecration of the Fountain
Destruction of Tahv
Dogfight in the Maw
Duel at the Font
Duel at the Lake
Duel at the Pool
Duel in the Senate
Duel in the Senate Plaza
Duel on Dromund Kaas
Duel on Nam Chorios
Evacuation of Ossus
The Hapes Assassination
The Hunt for Mortis
The Liberation of Coruscant
Massacre of the Raining Leaves
Mission to Kessel
Mission to Klatooine
Mission to Reo
Mission to the Maw
Mission to Upekzar
Octusi Slave Revolt
Operation Duusha
Operation Shieldfall
Overthrow of Daala
Raid on Hagamoor 3

Raid on the Detention Center
Raid on the New Jedi Temple
Raid to Rescue Valin Horn
Siege of the New Jedi Temple
Skirmish at Sinkhole Station
Skirmish at the Exhibition
Skirmish at the Krabbis Inn
Skirmish in Ashteri's Cloud
Skirmish in Meliflar Station
Skirmish in the Hanger
Skirmish on the Procession
Skirmish on Varlo